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  • Biotin

    Value Plus Biotin is a hoof growth supplement that aids in the treatment of abnormal hoof growth due to deficiency of dietary biotin. An added bonus of using biotin regularly is that along with strong, healthy hooves, biotin also helps with a shiny coat and healthy skin.

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  • Veterinary Curabine Dressing

    Veterinary Curabine® Dressing- A high quality, highly absorbent combine dressing. Make sure you add it to your first aid kits today!

    • Soft, non-woven gauze covering an even firm cotton wool layer.
    • Non-stick and highly absorbent.
    • Suitable to use for protection padding of wounds and injuries.

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  • 4Calming Paste

    Is your equine or canine companion prone to feeling anxious or unsettled when confronted with new experiences, or does engaging in certain activities, like traveling or competition, trigger nervousness?

    Experience the power of our unique paste formulation, containing magnesium, tryptophan, B-group vitamins, and chamomile. Perfect for training, traveling, or times of unease.

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