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Activron Paste

Activron Paste

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Activiron™ Paste is a highly bio-available oral iron supplement for horses on grain based diets or where an iron supplement is required. activiron™ Paste contains the exclusive ferric sodium EDTA.

New to the Australasian market activiron™ Paste is the first to contain this highly available iron nutrient wrapped in a protective coating or "jacket" of EDTA, providing superior levels of bonding compared with other chelated agents. Each 20mL dose of activiron™ Paste contains 400mg Iron (Fe) as ferric sodium EDTA (NaFe EDTA) in a palatable high energy paste. Unlike other forms of iron which can be poorly absorbed, the ferric sodium has a protective coating of EDTA.

This exclusive EDTA coating provides the best combined result for iron fortification in terms of bio-availability, safety and oxidative stability for iron nutrition, making it the perfect choice for racehorses and performance horses. Supported by extensive long-term studies, this iron compound has a higher absorption rate than other elemental iron supplements in grain based diets, has minimal gastrointestinal disturbances and exhibits no metallic taste.

Unlike traditional iron supplements, activiron™ Paste has no negative impact on the bio-availability of other minerals and vitamins, and may be used in conjunction with Vitamin E.


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